Nancy Libby

I was born at Santa Rosa Memorial and raised right here in Santa Rosa. I attended St. Eugene's and went to Ursuline High School. My husband Brian and I moved to Sebastopol to raise our daughters Megan and Jordan. In my spare time, I love to take hikes. My favorite areas to go hiking are Point Reyes, Bodega Head, Armstrong Woods, Sugarloaf and Jack London State Park. I enjoy gardening, reading, and love spending time with my family and friends.

I started my career right here at BCNS. At a young age of 14, I was placed at BCNS as a summer aide. The Director at the time took me under her wing and taught me so much about Early Childhood Development. She inspired me to consider a career in the field. After that I worked every summer until graduating high school. I went on to attend Santa Rosa Junior College until receiving my certificate in ECE. Over the years I continue to attend seminars, classes and read articles about early childhood development. 

The apple tree in the Big Yard is very dear to me. Many years ago, around the holidays, I walked into BCNS with a bare root twig of an apple tree claiming "this is our holiday tree!" Needless to say everyone laughed at me but they all decorated it with homemade ornaments (think egg carton "bells", glitter pine cones and chili pepper lights). It truly looked ridiculous. Right before winter break that year, I dug a hole in the Big Yard and planted that little tree. The class of three year olds all circled around it and they sang "Oh Christmas Tree." Now I watch the children swing and see the transformation of the tree through the seasons and say to myself, " Who's laughing now ?!"

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